Cum take a ritual with the Goddess **

By Priya Saujani, Jul 23 2014 01:55PM

Live Art Brothel Collective Unconscious with Priya Saujani The Live Art Brothel is open for business! Choose one from a range of delicious one to one performances for your sensuous pleasure.

Exploring themes of intimacy, sexuality and power Collective Unconscious and Priya Saujani welcome you to our netherworld. So rubber-up and come on in.

We will tease and delight you and then send you back into the night, weeping, with your pants around your ankles.

Collective Unconscious are a live art company based in Worcester who make immersive performances that question the manner by which we interact with each other in everyday reality.

London-based performance artist Priya Saujani works with the condition of gender and its appearance, the tension of national identity and a kind of alter-feminism through the ‘provocative’ scenario. Her work finds root in engineered live art situations that highlight her biography through an interstice of inverted cultural stereotype, knowing, unknowing and intimacy. Collective Unconscious:


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The brothel is open for business. Here you will be granted access to a range of madames, pimps and whores all pushing their various interactive live art performances upon you hungry customers.

ADV / FRI / 10PM / Impossible Lecture

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