By Priya Saujani, Jan 1 2014 12:01PM

Dare to Dream

Then make them come true...

Enjoy the PRESENT as much as you learn from the past and plan for the future.

Happy New Year


Clear out all your old tiring bullshit and make afresh

If you do anything do it whole heartedly ...

Thanks to

Photography by Benji Reid

By Priya Saujani, Jun 14 2013 10:57PM

Words are something I have always been fearful with, I use images and actions instead for me it for fills more of a universal impact, however its 2013 and its one to challenge and over come this fear and writing is becoming more and more natural to me - I’m ready to release.... POW

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Love Organ touches on subjects, politics and basic human respect that I hold very high, please have a listen and let me know what you think of my literary adventure

By Priya Saujani, Sep 18 2012 11:21AM

Mind’s Eye, allows you to journey the path of the liminal space between subconscious and consciousness.

Come and step inside the liminal.

Priya Saujani invites you to participate in her ritual to allow you the gift of subconscious release.

Performing at


Press Play House

London United Kingdom

Oct 11, 2012 7:30 PM

Doors open at 7.30pm with installations, performances start at 8.00pm

Get your tickets here :

By Priya Saujani, May 21 2012 10:15PM

Priya Saujani featuring in a project by Artist/ Photographer - Caroline Money.

Exhibited in April 2012:

A-side B-side Gallery presents: Rejected


Luxury Arts at Courtyard Theatre

I dress up for all occasions – don’t you?

I haven’t been able to shake of the addiction of trying new clothes, textures, drapes, and the feel of clothes.

As you can see from my work I am fascinated by the identifying markers that we psychologically make just by referring to someone’s garments.

So you can imagine I jumped at the chance to work with Caroline Money - she was working in reference to Cindy Sherman’s work, manipulating the identity with the same body/ person in question.

Tell me what you think…


By Priya Saujani, Jan 3 2012 09:15PM

The pain I wish upon no-one but like wobbly milkteeth we all experience .... heartbreak.

The performance exposes my heart, which debatably is between my legs. This is an autobiographical, one to one, live art instillation that comments on the journey of heartbreak and unrequited love.

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