By Priya Saujani, Jan 3 2012 09:10PM

The Whole Six Yards is a project of self discovery and aims to answer this question, why do I and other girls from my background and ethnicity find it out of the ordinary, even strange or embarrassing to think of having a sari as a staple item to their everyday wardrobe. I hope that the project creates a dialogue to what seems a growing invisible rejection towards the sari. I hope it will conclude whether there is room left for authenticity, history, and ethnicity in the age I live in.

The journey consists mostly of my journal, which outline my experiences in my public interventions wearing a Sari as an everyday garment be it the pub, work or shopping. I allow my body to be the stage and the sari to be the main attraction. The performances consist of a series of public interactions, which outline the reactions and documentation of the public towards me in a sari. This journey also bears witness to my first visit to India at the age of twenty three, allowing me to explore how prominent the sari is in India’s capital Mumbai.

The project will touch on the cultural isolation and social conditioning I seem to create for my self and also try and capture any hostile attitudes that I am afraid of facing.

All in all I hope to make peace with the sari.

By Priya Saujani, Jan 3 2012 09:04PM

EveryWoman is based on the extreme female identity and my struggle to grasp it. It was a coming of age piece where i was in the liminal between education to a working woman. It focuses on the roles a woman may take on, with in one life time one could play many roles - a mother, lover, friend, sister.

Through study of Freudian theories and religious thesis I have bound the bi-polar qualities of a woman to my performance. I attempt to physichalise these stereotypical notions, theories of women particularly through what I wear in the performance, my costume becomes fetishized to emphasise femininity, its shape and form.

Why do we have to be either or - I am goddess and the whore.

By guest, Jan 3 2012 03:23PM

So Priya Saujani wakes up to the world and the adventure of 2012.

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2011 was a rude awakening and heres to hoping it continues to get better and better ...

Virtual toast to all that are passing by there will be more on the blog to follow shortly!

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