By Priya Saujani, Oct 3 2014 04:57PM

From Visions

Priya Saujani & Kate Spence (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014 Part of the SPILL National Platform

13:00, 17:30

45 mins

Part of All-Seeing and Thursday Daytime Passes

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Photo by Robin Pugh Editing by Kishan Saujani

Welcome to the temple of the goddess and the whore.

Join the congregation. There will be rites of passage, meetings with the Goddess in an exchange at the ultimate height of love. As either participant or onlooker they welcome you.

The Whore dances the motions of life, lost in repetition. The Goddess on a higher mantel looks over to her muse and consort, as the time of the Whore is only how the Goddess achieves all her lessons and learns of life and woes.

This is a ritualistic performance by Priya Saujani and Kate Spence, distant Sisters who work collaboratively from intuition based on visions.

Priya Saujani and Kate Spence are two live artists working with the alter-feminine as a way of integrating feminine sexuality into powerful works, that confront the audience with their own perceptions, projections, fears and desires.

For more information about Priya click here and follow her on Twitter @utopriya

For more information about Kate Spence click here and follow her on Twitter @kate_spence

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