By Priya Saujani, Nov 11 2017 03:08PM

VIVID LIVE is excited to announce two new commissions by artists Priya Saujani and Grace A Williams to be exhibited as part of SYN at Vivid Projects on Digbeth First Friday.

SYN pronounced ‘Sin’ is the goddess of defensive refusal in Norse Mythology, "she guards the doors of the halls and shuts them against those who are not to enter" (Snorri Sturluson, Gylfaginning). Both Priya Saujani and Grace A Williams explore the dynamics of female empowerment, resistance and violence through the iconography of the mythical, offering a confrontational interrogation of stereotypes relating to the sinning female body.

Priya Saujani’s new work 'Forbidden Fruit' weaves a narrative of sexual freedom vs. sexual violence and social etiquette in Indian communities through photography, poetry and performance; exploring thoughts on the Indian female body throughout art and history.

Grace A Williams commission ‘Maiden Voiced’ takes the allegory of the sea siren as a subversion of female silencing presenting a performative transmission of voice through sound.

Special Thanks to Aisha Saujani, Maya Saujani and Kishan Saujani on this Project

Kate Spence thank you ultimatley for your belief in me.

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