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Cum with the Goddess



Performance by Priya Saujani.

Photography by Kishan Saujani


Exploring themes of intimacy, sexuality and power the piece probes the lure of blind faith and our  pursuit  in trusting and knowing the unknowing.


The active dialogue of not all is what seems and forces the feminine to be consciously being awake, socially, politically and sexually.


It is also presents the forms and fictions of the Indian Goddess and juxtaposes the expectation to the actual  reality of the image.


Curiosity, touch and the energy conjured in through ritual allows you to respond to her and retrospectively to yourself.


The rituals are in light of existing Hindu fertility and marriage rituals that have been turned on their head to comment on the rising fears and sexually orientated crimes in India. Expect spiritually enticed eroticism growing within a dark heart.



Performed  @ beacons festival August 2014 with in collaboration with  the Live Art Brothel in the IMPOSSIBLE LECTURE THEATRE

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