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April 2017 Cum with the Goddess performed  at Arcana: An Exhibition of Tarot 2017; Crypt Gallery London.


March 2016 Model At The Wearable Art + Taiwanese Street Food Weekend; East London.


July 2015  Performer for Miet Warlop at Station to Station; Barbican Art Gallery.


June  2014; Fem Fresh - Feminism, Age and Live Art Priya Saujani and Kate Spence / From Visions


Welcome to the temple of the Goddess and the Whore. Join the congregation. There will be rites of passage, meetings with the Goddess in an exchange of the ultimate height of love. As either participant or onlooker we welcome you.


Priya Saujani and Kate Spence are two live artists working with the alter feminine as a way of integrating feminine sexuality into powerful works, that confront the audience with their own perceptions, projections, fears and desires.



February 2014; Every Danced with the Devil/ Love organ. Home for Waifs and Strays - Four Letter Word.


July 2013; Mind's Eye at Arbeit for the Spontanious Combustion Festival.

June 2013; Mind's Eye at Last Fridays at Visual Collective

April 2013; Love Organ, Spoken Word Performance at performance night at Studio 180.


October 2012 Mind's Eye at Spots; Thrust Productions at Press Play House.

October 2012 Mind's Eye at performance night at Studio 180; a performance that allows the participant to connect to a mutual subconscious.


July 2011 Secret Performance at Raven Row

June 2011 Secret Performance @ Raven Row

February 2011 Performing ‘11’AiR Supply @ Shunt; In the Machine.

November 2010 – Performer for Ron Athey @ Outside Air

Gifts of the Spirit Part One: Automatic Writing (A Study and A Score)


October 2010 - Performing 11 AiR Supply, Test Launch Resistance Gallery

October 2010 - Performing 11 Glorious Trauma Festival Leeds.

March 2010 - "11". A performance that had an interactive dialogue on unrequited love and the process of heartbreak.

September 2009 - Participant of The London Paper Library


May 2009 - present The Whole Six Yards an autobiographical and anthropological pursuit to make peace with the Sari.

April 2009 – 7 Emerging Artists @ Mol’s Place, Covent Garden’s London: Performer


November 2008- December 2008 – Courdey House, London: Bum Bum Train Acting role as an Indian ambassador

November 2008 – Barbican Theatre, Plymouth: In the Flesh EVERYWOMAN Live Art Performance by Priya Saujani

September 2008 - The Green Room, Manchester: EMERGENCY 2008 EVERYWOMAN performance.


June 2007 - Cando Co. Dance Company, Royal Festival Hall, and London: Performer

May 2007 De Montfort University, Leicester: Exit Soul:

Performance entitled The Extreme Feminine (Self-directed and performed) later to be performed as EVERYWOMAN.

The performance experimented and explored the concept of the sacred feminine and a woman’s place within art and history.


October 2006 - De Montfort University, Leicester - Thy Kingdom Come (rape of Culture): performance

December 2005 – De Montfort University, Leicester: 2005 Arts Evening: PIECE OF PIECES

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