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The whole 6 Yards.

Collaborative project that evolved from POP SAMITI

Priya Saujani - Performance Artist

Harold hutter - Photographer




This word opens a flood of images.  Indian women washing and beating blocks of colour on the river banks, these blocks unfold a rainbow of colours and textures – they dance in the wind.


Sari’s hold their own language, one where your social, regional and marital standing can be deciphered just by a single glance.


Now I have a problem, my saris remains in the same special plastic packaging that I bought it in. They all just lie there patiently for a special Hindu event or wedding to arise.


I don’t and won’t wear a sari for an everyday garment. The question you ask is why?  Am I scared,am I embarrassed, I don’t know...


The whole six yards is a series of public interactions, which outline the reactions and documentation of the public towards me in a sari. The project has also taken me on a journey  back to India and back to my roots. I investigate and explore the cultural isolation I seem to create as do many other young Asian women.


The Six Yards is an autobiographical and anthropological pursuit to make peace with the sari.


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