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Every Woman



‘Full of power, beauty, curiosity and wonder’


Stacy Makishi; Performance Artist


I am not a woman...I am a man. is this performance for me? This woman sits there. she is so woman. she is sacred. almost untouchable. the sign tells me i'm a man and she is a woman. I am not sure if I can sit in between her legs. she has Asian skin, and beautiful long hair covered by a shawl. am I allowed to sit there? will it offend her? will I feel rejected if she tells me I can’t sit there because of my gender? I am invited, and touched as if by the hand of god. I am opening up like the woman’s legs.


Owen Parry ; Performance Artist


The experience of Everywoman was very powerful and had an almost healing quality to it. The individual interaction with the audience makes each performance unique to the participant.


Joanne Donovan ; Poet

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