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London-based performance artist Priya Saujani works with the condition of gender and its appearance, the tension of national identity and a kind of alter-feminism through the ‘provocative’ scenario.


Her work finds root in engineered live art situations that highlight her biography through an interstice of inverted cultural stereotype,knowing, unknowing and intimacy. Her art is highly engaged with the

politics of interactivity and notions of the invitational trigger: the social concerns of the dialog, conversation and a meeting point between ‘performer’ and ‘audience’.


Her work also equates the spiritual, or divine, with the integrity of participation, the shared experience and allusions to confidentiality and introspection.



This coincides with her interest in the assumption, taking on, dressing, and negating: undressing, removing, discarding of identity and its signage of race, age, gender, femininity, and sexuality. Her work therefore is engaged with the transcending of given norms, repetitious acts, stated representations through a sensitive yet forceful dialect.


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